Don't combine Vinyl with any other fabric type

As some of you know, Vinyl is hard to print due to toxics, then there is also the whole shipping process from me to you, the customer.
The Vinyl would be shipped via tubes or the triangular box that USPS provides, which might or might not fit the Vinyl in it.
I have been asked how much quantity and how much will my Vinyl sell? Among other questions so let's answer a couple of the questions. 🙂
  • Per what quantity will you sell it?
>Per Yard.
  • What will be the Pre-Order price of the Vinyl?
>$38.80 per yard or $16.40 per Half Yard.
  • What type of packaging will you be using?
>We will be trying a recyclable paper wrap.
  • How long does it take for you to get the Vinyl?
>We will be using the same time frame as we always have six weeks to 12 weeks even though fabric always gets to us in a Month.
  • What about shipping?
>This will be the trickiest part due to USPS constantly changing the shipping prices when sending tubes due to handling this package differently. With this being said;
  • If you end up buying Vinyl from us, you are agreeing on the following:
> You agree that if the price of Shipping ends up being higher than what it appeared when checking out, you will end up paying the difference.
>You Agree upon getting tagged in the group to check your Mail Box and Junk Box for a Request/Invoice.
>You will have three days to pay the Request/Invoice.