Terms of Purchase

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Jennifer M Rodriguez


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Policies and procedures. 

These policies are subject to change without notice.

Pre-Order Prices:

Knit Cotton Lycra (Cotton Spandex): $28.40

Cotton Woven: $26.40

Swim: $18.40

Cotton Woven Canvas $27.40

Polyester Waterproof Canvas: $27.90

French Terry: $30.90

Prices are subject to change at any time. We suggest checking the website when ordering to get current pricing, promotions, and sales.

What type of fabric do I print?

  • Cotton Lycra/Cotton Spandex
  • Cotton Woven
  • Cotton Woven Canvas 
  • Polyester Waterproof Canvas
  • French Terry
  • Swim
  • Vinyl

Terms of Purchase

All our fabrics are digitally printed in China and imported into the United States via customs.  Cosmic Fabric Creation's LLC pays all applicable duties as required by Federal Law.


Our fabrics are high quality digitally printed with colorfast inks level 4 or greater.  None of our fabric bases contain any sort of metallic paints. 


Our fabrics are received in large rolls and then cut down into desired yardages and shipped to your doorstep.  Remember that we are human and can make errors in this processing.  Should an error be found on your order, we ask that you contact us immediately to give us the opportunity to remedy the situation.


Size and Flaws Policy:

One (1) yard is equal to 36 inches by 56 inches, prewashed. After washing you MIGHT lose a little bit of the original measurements, depending on your wash routine. The fabric you receive will be wider than 56 inches. Anything wider than 56 inches is considered selvage, and any flaws in the selvage will not be eligible for any refund. Any flaws that are not in the selvage area AND are larger than the size of a standard US Quarter, may be eligible for partial refund. Please inspect your fabric prior to washing and contact us within 3 days of delivery so that we can address the concern. Washed or altered fabric cannot be returned or refunded, due to the nature of the product.


PANEL FLAWS:  If you locate a flaw on your panel, please submit a notice via our web form which is located on our website at https://cosmicfabriccreations.com, Admin@cosmicfabriccreations.com or contact us at the FB Group immediately. 


CONTINUOUS YARDAGE:  Pre-orders are guaranteed continuous up to 10 yards.  ALL RETAIL YARDAGE IS PRE-CUT and not guaranteed to be continuous yards.



When fabric arrives to us, it is stretched out very tightly onto a roll of fabric.  As we cut, we cut from the roll. The fabric will relax over time.  We do our best to over cut to allow for this, but over a long period of time you can still end up an inch or 2 short on a run.   PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL SHORTAGES MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIVING YOUR FABRIC.  AFTER THAT, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REPLACING OR COMPENSATING ANY SHORTAGES ON CUTS.



     Each round will vary slightly depending upon the season.  Our printers have many holidays in which they shut down their factories to observe those holidays.  Our turnaround time is set at 12 - 14 weeks.  We never anticipate it taking this long but we want to under promise and over deliver.  Retail yardage will be shipped within 7 - 10 business days.



     Due to the custom nature of our products, there are no refunds on orders/fabrics.  The only exception to this rule is if we have failed to properly represent what you are purchasing in terms of fabric content; fabric type and size.  If you have an issue with a fabric you have received, please email us at Admin@cosmicfabriccreations.com or Contact us via the FB Group, and we will be happy to address your concerns.  We reserve the right to replace the fabric first at our discretion a refund may be given should we find that we made an error.  Furthermore, you must report any issue within 7 days of receiving your fabric shipment.  After this period of time, we reserve the right to deny compensation or replacement yardage. 

Should we deem you are due a monetary refund, you will be refunded via your original form of payment.



Fabric is sold through the website and cost is due at the time of purchase. At this time, we do not offer military discounts or layaway.



As some of you know, Vinyl is hard to print due to toxics, then there is also the whole shipping process from me to you, the customer.
The Vinyl would be shipped via tubes or the triangular box that USPS provides, which might or might not fit the Vinyl in it.
I have been asked how much quantity and how much will my Vinyl sell? Among other questions so let's answer a couple of the questions. 🙂
  • Per what quantity will you sell it?
>In 12x56 & 18x56 cuts.
  • What will be the Pre-Order price of the Vinyl?
>$17.40? (Subject to change)
  • What type of packaging will you be using?
>8 1/2x 33 Poly Mailer Bags
  • How long does it take for you to get the Vinyl?
>We will be using the same time frame as we always have six weeks to 12 weeks even though fabric always gets to us in a Month.
  • Should I add Route Shipping to my order?
I highly suggest to do so, by doing this you are protecting 100% your order and if your order ends up getting lost or stolen, you only need to submit a form and they will get your purchase ASAP.
  • What about shipping?
  • >This will be the trickiest part due to USPS constantly changing the shipping prices when sending tubes due to handling this package differently. With this being said;
  • If you end up buying Vinyl from us, you are agreeing on the following:
    1. > You agree that if the price of Shipping ends up being higher than what it appeared when checking out, you will end up paying the difference.
    2. >You Agree upon getting tagged in the group to check your Mail Box and Junk Box for a Request/Invoice.
    3. >You will have three days to pay the Request/Invoice.