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The Vinyl would be shipped via tubes or the triangular box that USPS provides, which might or might not fit the Vinyl in it.
I have been asked how much quantity and how much will my Vinyl sell? Among other questions so let's answer a couple of the questions. 🙂

  • Per what quantity will you sell it?
>Per Yard.
  • What type of packaging will you be using?
>We will be trying a recyclable paper wrap.
  • How long does it take for you to get the Vinyl?
>We will be using the same time frame as we always have six weeks to 12 weeks even though fabric always gets to us in a Month.
  • What about shipping?
>This will be the trickiest part due to USPS constantly changing the shipping prices when sending tubes due to handling this package differently. With this being said;
  • If you end up buying Vinyl from us, you are agreeing on the following:
> You agree that if the price of Shipping ends up being higher than what it appeared when checking out, you will end up paying the difference.

>You Agree upon getting tagged in the group to check your Mail Box and Junk Box for a Request/Invoice.

>You will have three days to pay the Request/Invoice.

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