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Welcome to Cosmic Fabric Creations!

If you have stumble with this page, it means that you have visited us during our Re-Run Event. Re-Run Events happened once a year from August 31st to September 25th.

  •  What is a Re-Run Event?

This event is done once a year in which we offer the Re-run of more than 100 past designs in more than five different Fabric Bases.

This year we are going to be offering them on the following Fabric Bases:

    1. Cotton Spandex
    2. Cotton Woven
    3. Cotton Woven Canvas
    4. Polyester Waterproof Canvas
    5. French Terry
    6. Minky
    7. Double Minky
  • What is the Time frame?

Time Frame for this will be the same as the Pre-order Time Frame which is 12 to 17 weeks.

  • Why is Retail no Available at the moment?

Because Last year lots of customer mixed Retail with Re-Run items and end up complaining about not getting them in a Retail time frame. Sadly, most of the designs that we are offering during the Re-Run event are not available due to being highly popular and always running out and the Re-Run event is for all of those that were unable to get what they wanted when it was run.

  • Are you offering any Discounts?

Yes, we are offering discounts which are the following;

Free Shipping for purchases of $300 up to $499

10% Off for purchases of $500 to $999

15% Off for purchases of $1,000 to $1,499

20% Off for purchases of $1,500 & up.

  • What are the Discount Codes?
    1. For Free Shipping: FreeshipRe
    2. 10%Off: 10OffRe
    3. 15% Off: 15OffRe
    4. 20% Off: 20OffRe
  • Can I combine Discount Codes?
You will be able to combine our Free Shipping order with our 10%, not with the 15% or 20% off.

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