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LGBTQ+ Clouds

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Permanent Pre-Orders


>>This listing is a Permanent Pre-Order.

What does this mean?

Orders done during the week will be submitted by the end of the week, in other words, Friday night. This order will be sent to the Printer for them to print and ship to us. This item will have the same wait time as a normal Pre-Order (Due to the situation that it's going on right now with Shipping.)


Cotton Lycra:
95% Cotton 5% Spandex
260 GSM
Width: 155

Cotton Woven:

Width: 145cm 

Cotton Woven Canvas

100% Cotton
Width: 148


Pre Orders take twelve to weeks to fourteen weeks to get to us, and around five days max for us to send it to you after the product (fabric) is in our hands.

Retail will be sent 2 to 4 days after order. 


If Retail Orders offer; 1 Yard & 2 Yards, it means that there are 1Y and 2Y cuts available. If Retail only has a 1 Yard option available, there are only 1Yard cuts available. Choosing 1Y*2 will not give you a continuous cut.

You can get up to 10 continuous cuts at Pre-Order.